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Annemarie Börlind USA Natural Efficacy Care Concepts
The complete facial care system:
Cleansing the skin helps it to optimally regenerate itself and absorb nourishment. The skin should be cleansed twice a day, thoroughly but gently, to remove the products of metabolism and dirt particles.

Strengthen / Hydrate
This step prepares the skin for the application of care products and optimizes their effectiveness. Depending on your skin type, this step may involve a disinfecting, astringent, strengthening, firming, stabilizing or hydrating effect.

The skin regenerates itself while you sleep. For this reason, we recommend using a nourishing night cream that contains high levels of active ingredients to promote regeneration.

The protective day cream continues the caring effect of the night cream. It also protects the skin against dryness and aging processes caused by sun and environmental factors.

Special care
For skin with special requirements, or if you simply feel like a little extra pampering, our special products are the perfect choice.